Special family party

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Paige Owens' boyfriend took her to a party at his friend Mick Blue's house, and it wasn't long before she got bored. When Paige tries to lighten the mood with some perverted charade antics, Mick's wife gets upset and asks her to leave. Paige tries to call a taxi but is forced to wait. When Mick apologizes for his wife's behavior, Paige suggests they have a private party and have secret, cheating sex! Married Mick is hesitant, but with Paige on his hands and knees, showing off her naked pussy to him, he can't resist the temptation! As Paige and Mick are making out in the bedroom, Mick's other friend John Strong walks in - and that's when the party really starts, with Paige taking both of their cocks in her mouth, pussy and ass in a wild anal threesome!

Special family party

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